Someone to talk of our problems

Introduction Hi, im looking for someone to share thoughts and experiences related to adiction, and bad mentality. This would be a continuous relationship, like having a chat few times a week. Ill post how to contact later. This account is banned so ill have to either give other account name or another contact suggestion. Details Im a veteran player. Through the pasing of the seasons i have developed really bad habits with this game and it feels like a loop which is really hard to overcome, specially mixed with other problems. Recently i have had the idea that maybe having someone to talk to about the game environment would help me to behave better and gain consciousness about my habits. To be precisse, im interested in somebody who is at least 18 years old and shares the same problem as me, it has to be someone who knows how it feels, becouse people who arent familiar with this situation wont take it seriously. Also i dont want someone who talks to me for pity, becouse it wont make me feel comfortable. This is what im searching, nothing less and nothing more. If someone wants someone to talk to about the game im willing to chat. Im kind and empathic but socially anxious, if you take me seriouslly ill take you seriouslly too.
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