How is Riot incapable of fixing this game

First of hello fellow summoners and maybe just maybe a Riot employee! I have been playing this game for around 7 years and to be honest the sheer amount of trollers/feeders/leavers havent been this bad in years. Im not just here to scream over my frustation cause believe me ive done that enough this season. Instead of that ive been actively trying to get a hold on someone at riot to discuss the situation cause in my opinion this problem is so easily fixed that it blows my mind that this hasnt allready happent and starting to feel like our dear riotters just dont give a damn. So lets start with what is the issue. Every 3 games you get either a leaver or someone thats just trolling the team at least thats what im seeying in my games but im hearing it from allot of fellow gamers aswell and the question has rissen for me why this happens. Its really easy too understand and it just comes down to people who start this trend and people that are victim to it. The victims some of them can keep a cool but allot of times this angers people but still this doesnt have to be as ruff as making them leave or whatever just making them lets call it not so amused. Now this happens a couple of times and then we get the snowball effect of the victims that are fed up and actually get it to the point they should not give their all for someone that treats the others like this so they get toxic even when they are not the real issue. The thing is riot says they do their best to penalize the players that behave toxic but yet again sometimes trolling isnt really punished and at other times they are and the penalty helps a bit but can never have the effect they want... why you ask? well its really simple. When a player lets say gets a ban for 2 weeks what does he or she do? Indeed! play on another account, either by starting a new one or allready having a second one at hand or even a third one. First of i think the penalties could be allot rougher so people think 2 times before they behave like i stated above but so even then we have people just going on other accounts with no real repurcussion. So their are 2 options left that instantly relieve a bit of this toxic ripple effect namingly.. 1.. make people pay for an account. This doesnt have to be allot lets say 10 euro's or dollars, what this does is people wont say ok ill fix another account this easily and secondly you care more about the one you have. Now dont get me wrong i know allot of people care about all the skins they bought but still there are people that do not and dont give a shit about trolling or leaving games where others really try to give there best. Im talking about ranked cause i mean normal everybody can just have fun but in ranked you try too see how far you can get with what you can. The second option would be ID bans so people could only go around this when playing on another computer. This is allready been done with the esl league so its not that is not an option and has the same effect as the first option just with a different path. Ive been writing the support for sometime now trying to get a hold on someone that could handle these question but its so tiresome when you always get the same generic awnser with thats too bad and believe me we do our best to address these situations etc etc in the end stating that i could not speak to the person i'd like to speak to. So now this old veteran is here with still allot of love for this game and hoping someone finally listens before its too late. Big streamers starting to allready part from the game and even the big smudge on your game with being one of the most toxic games thats out there must in my opinion hurt when you put dedication in this game..... Im looking at you Riot! I have much more suggestions but i have allready taking enough of your time with all this reading for you guys so i leave it at this! Im curious what happens now and too be really honest i dont expect much ;) See you on the rift!
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