Just got Perma Banned.

Had a bad day, some irl problems and stuff like that, had few bad games and i agree i was a bit nervous and "toxic" but permanent ban was not deserved. I've seen a lot of people using harsh words and the thing is that i wasnt EVEN that toxic, didnt say anything like "die u stupid c*nt" or "hope you'll get cancer". I've seen a lot of people using such words and they never got banned. While im getting my account which im very connected to basically deleted for things like "you're stupid" or stuff like that. I've spend a lot of money and time on this game. Maybe im sometimes pretty toxic but its far from deserving a perma banishment. I've seen much worse species than mine and they never even seen a chat restriction. The whole system is a mess, getting auto-banned is simply wrong, because system does not take into account how you acted etc. Many of those words which are seen in ban logs arent really serious. Anyway hope ill get some answer and riot will stop deleting players from their own game as it gets pretty popular lately. Many of my friends already got perma banned and they arent even that toxic, occassionally calling someone "stupid" is not a point to become perma banned, anyways, there is a MUTE OPTION afterall. I cant understand how can u even ban people permanently from your own game, like seriously. If someone is being toxic, then others should instantly mute him. Which never happens in this game. You just removed another player from your game. Im mad angry and at the same time sorry to my account that i got it deleted, i loved it like my child, i connected to every moment i had played on it. Farewell good old friend, this game slowly dies anyway, EU LCS pretty much turned to Korean LCS v2 same thing slowly happens for NA, each patch creates more problems and now on top of that game developers themselves remove players from their own game. It seems to my that its clear that Riot wants this game to die. Sorry to say that but really. How can you ban someone for being toxic? HOW? This is only A GAME, and there is a god damn mute option. Farewell good old friend, farewell. I doubt i will ever return to this game, seeing how mad i am on developers right now. Farewell good old friend, farewell. BibleThump
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