This community has no f--- idea what tilted means, or what feeding really means, or anything

Thing like being "tilted", if I'm jungle and our team is like 10 kills 30 deaths and enemy has 3 people who are 5% health, I'm not being "tilted" when I'm %%%%ing trying to get some comeback chance of putting them out and gaining a massive gold boost. The other alternative is basically to sit at base because enemy has all the %%%%ing vision due to everyone actu%%%% knowing what the %%%% they are doing and bought pink%%%%d are probably just waiting baron to spawn. I'm not tilted, you're the one who is %%%%ing tilted by basically forfeiting the ga%%%%ecause "byaaaah my jungle is %%%%%%". Also most people think you're toxic fo%%%%%%g curse word, but I've been called moron, stupid and inbred and other things and I'm pretty sure those are the actual toxic ones. But saying "those %%%%ing minions" when you flash Q and miss because minion just appeared fro%%%%e shadow to block bandage toss, I'm NOT being toxic but for some reason half the players start losign their freaking minds when you fail at gank and open your mouth... like why? Is it that hard to comprehend what the typing was about or what?! Similarly telling some guy in the team that "stop complaining and focus on the %%%%ing game" I'm not again being toxic, I'm trying to be a %%%%ing leader of the team who%%%% to coach 5 year old playerbase. Then one more thing, it always come%%%%wn to the score, not the actual plays. If I went 0-11 and got 5 assists on a game where teammates permanently fed enemies until they afk in base with 0-8 score, I was actually the one who probably made the top plays. Stop judging numbers and look how %%%%ing miserable your plays are. People are picking champions they have no grasp on how to play them %%%%y or even late, or what to focus, and it's kinda the MANDATORY thing in platinum 1 rank, but hey you get accidental placed with someone who should by based on their macro play-style belong to Wood 5. I've seen plenty of players who have like 20 kills and 2 deaths dive blindly without any vision with some jump into wild bush where all enemies are missing and soon later the game turns out even and to the loss of that now 20 kill 4 death player. Score does not %%%%ing matter unless you explicitly lost a fight to even leveled and geared player without knowing your strengths.%%%% playing a role like Support or Jungle or even ADC you have no control over the score if your support is bad, if your teammates are horrible and you arrive to 1v2 with both enemies who survived a fight with 10% somehow turning things around with exhaust and killing you as well. I'm not a %%%%ing jedi who knows the future and is able to analyze with my 6th sense on how many summoners enemy has spend on last%%%%ht, I go with my hunch of what is to be expected if there happened to be a double kill, on 90% of the time those summoners are wasted and it's a worthy shot to take, but if I for some reason fail, don't come to me and cry about how I caused you to lose the lane. Also they keep saying I should go back to whatever simple game there is... but in reality it's THEY who need to go to a simple game where tilting actually means that next Tetris match you rage and just attempt to some 1 trick because it didn't work last round. It's those simple games where their solutions of "oh well he's doing the same thing all over again expecting different result" is actually valid. In this game not fighting and actually somehow ending up in even ground NEVER %%%%ING WORKS. It might have worked before Baron buff reworks and minibosses, but now there is just too much power in tanks to take turret shots, there is too much damage to actually even notice the miniscule tower shot one or two times before enemy is killed. The only chance for comeback is taking a RISK when enemy is on it's WEAKEST, not waiting for enemy to get full health and be in 5v5 push. Edit: Also... what the hell is going on with the text, I'm pretty sure I didn't write that bad english.
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