League Of Luck

This is more or less a vent/rant post from a frustrated player who just can't find a solution to their problems. So I've been noticing a troubling and dangerous trend - I'm more afraid of my teammates than of my enemies. Is it the matchmaking or just players have been getting progressively bad at this game. Tbh I think it's both. In all my current history games there one or two players who will tilt and be so terrible that they singlehandedly lose the game no matter what I do. Every game I pray not for weak enemies but for teammates who won't %%%% up. Even though it's at this elo it's a pendulum and you either get the troll or the enemy gets the troll, recently I've been in a massive unlucky streak leaving me wonder. Is climbing ranks just a matter of luck. If you check my past games in most of them I perform fairly well, I win my lane, I ward, I try to win objectives and help my team. But no matter what I do I can't compensate for that bot lane that flames all the time while going 2/14. I feel completely helpless and out of options. I don't flame, I don't even speak much except to praise them for the smallest bit of success. Nothing seems to work. I think we need better punishing system in combination with better matchmaking. The game is not fun anymore. Even streamers and high players admit that the toxicity and the environment is so depressing.
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