Incredible raise in toxicity levels?

Hi I've been playing league since s3 and in the past 1-2 months i've witnessed a level of toxicity that i've only seen when i was lvl 5-25. Basically in every game in my team there are flamers ragers salty kids and all that good stuff. Now i exclusively play normal games , i've been playing only normals for 2 years because i really dont like the competitivness of ranked ,i simply want to have fun in my spare time. Having fun for me with league is quite hard nowadays , not because of the game itself , but the players make it unbearable. Seriously , i remember last year in normal mode i met so many good and friendly players , i remember not seeing a single flamer or raging kid for weeks! it was awesome. While in these 2 last months , the games are almost unplayable for me . The players i encounter seriously look like they are coming straight out of kindrgarten or some mental hospital of some sort. To me it really feels like im back in the low levels and i cant take it anymore. Just wanted to share my thoughts and see if its only my impression or some of you agree with me , feel free to let me know Btw last season i placed in gold 2(only played placement matches) but thanks to my MMR i get matched with high plats, low diamonds
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