Account suspended for 14 days by automated System (first offence in 8 years!?)

Just got suspended for the first time (played for 8 years without any offence) by an automated System for saying "K Y S" CONTEXT: Won a normal game, stomped toplane, got penta stolen by a teammate (dont really care too much). Since i have allied and enemy chat disabled i wrote "k y s ingame" in after-game chat to my teammate (Ezreal) who stole the penta (bad taste banter in my opinion). Obviously nobody took it seriously and Ezreal even joked about it after saying "thank god only in game xD". The enemy teams toplaner (Ryze) decided to report me out of spite and mocked me saying i was getting a free ban, which he was right about... Now i can't celebrate the 10 year anniversary due to a dumb mistake on my part not knowing an automated system, that bans you instantly for 14 days and does not take context into consideration, existed. Wrote to riot support but they so far only wrote me ONE automated message telling me they won't lift or weaken the ban (asked for a chatban or manual review since this is my first offence ever). Do you think this is fair and i should be banned? Tell me your opinion... P.S. if there is any rioter in here willing to help, im gladly here to discuss the matter in a mannered fashion :)
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