is 3 LP penalty sufficient for dodging?

It happens so often, people constantly dodging.. Waiting several minutes and then bam - dodge again. Countless hours wasted. Yesterday i had an hour to play. Someone dodged 3 times in a row. Then 4th time it finally happened, no one dodge. But oh well, a remake. Exactly half an hour wasted, go to sleep, no game : ) Not to mention usually after someone dodges and you click Accept when it pops, you get autofilled in a unusual role most of the time. Not sure how it works, but autofill most often happens right after someone dodges. Just saying. I know those who dodge will state otherwise, as it's their constant practice, but 3 LP penalty is not enough, people should lose 6-10 LP for intentionally dodging, as it just brakes game for others.

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