Cesspit of Toxicity

I used to love this game. I'd play anywhere between 12-18 hours a day (when I could). I enjoyed the climb. the grind, the competitive nature. But then, everyone started making smurfs. And suddenly, out of nowhere, this cesspit of toxicity was created. So, I quit. For over 2 years. I've been playing again for about a week. And my LORD is the toxicity worse than I've ever experienced in over 20 years of gaming. Just now, I joined a lobby. Banned a champion and was INSTANTLY flamed because a player on my team wanted that champion. I 100% ban Kayle since her rework, something I explained to my teammate, but nope. I am a son of a b and should kill myself - apparently. I don't take that kinda stuff to heart, because it takes a special kind of person to say that kinda stuff. But Jesus wept, Riot, do something about this. There needs to be much harsher punishments against these kinds of players.

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