Autofill, the mere essence.

Congratulations, Riot. You created a system not only toxic to the community, but to the playerbase itself. Here's how Autofill works in lower ELO's. - Someone gets autofilled to Support. Dodged game. - Someone gets autofilled to an Off-Role. Dodged game. - Queue time is now already 5 - 10 minutes. - The person who has been in the queue for 10 minutes gets autofilled. - Another dodged game. - Now sitting here with a 15 minute queue ban. - Proceeds to complain on forums. This works, doesn't it, Riot? You did an amazing job with your recent champions, your promised reworks, your assassin retardation and other things. But your Autofill change, man... there's nothing I love more than playing a short fun game of league in my spare time and getting a role I suck at, and to throw the game if I do play that, and even get flamed if I do that. Congratulations, you're a bunch of special people, aren't you. Now to wait 7 more minutes for my queue timer.
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