16 days ago i got my 14 days ban... i hated it... but God had other plans for me, now i love it.

I've never seen so many things align so well. I fought hard for gold this season, i got stressed over it until i got it. but who knew that it would be so bad for me? but we often fail to see the wisdom in God's actions. Then when we do we realize how wrong we were. I know i didn't... but God did! he gave me a timely ban to preserve an oath I made to never buy teemo {{champion:17}} or "Graves" {{champion:104}}... missing out on the victorious skin has never been so satisfying. as i hate graves more than teemo and I really hate teemo. it happened on 3 AM on Friday 22nd of September. Friday is a sacred day for muslims. repeats once every week and a great prayer happens that day. So you can see already God's purpose in aligning all this! on a sacred day! i was banned, and an oath was preserved (oaths are very serious things for muslims we dont just throw them around). In Islam if you go against an oath you made you need to feed or clothe 10 poor people, or fast 3 days in a row if the former couldn't be achieved. and we all know that if you get the victorious skin you get the champion for free, so that's dangerous for me. what more can i ask for... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3dbd2YyeN0 first thing that came to my mind. was a group of angry Templars (ironic) shouting God wills it!!! cause what can i say!! HE DID! I mean when my friend sent the teaser picture in our social group i was overjoyed. I couldn't express to him how happy I was cause thats how bad i hate graves. so all things aligned pretty well. Banned on a Friday, Unbanned on a Friday AND ON THAT FRIDAY I knew it was graves so thats triple holiness points + oath preserved + riot employee fired for toxicity just to add to the irony and to prove to riot that this perfection that you are attempting is an illusion. I said before that no human will not misbehave. its part of being human. I saw God's purpose, I saw his wisdom, I'm astonished how things can turn around. Thank you God. edit: dislike all you want guys! Don't give a single damn what you think :D _**Moderator's note:** Due to the nature of this discussion the comment section has been locked to prevent this thread from derailing._
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