i am done with this game

what kind of kid will be offended by called mister silver? WTF did I get ban for? how did I get 14 day suspension for this? Game 1 In-Game Bombario: lol just Q Bombario: we are still 3vs4 Bombario: w/e Bombario: braindead? (he called me braindead I was 4/0/3 asked him if I am still braindead) Bombario: u still think i am braindead? Bombario: mvm Bombario: where to u tp? Bombario: i poing for hours Bombario: top Bombario: god Bombario: what elo is this? Bombario: idc Bombario: its basic moves Bombario: listen pings? Bombario: 0 follow jger Bombario: is allways a mistake Bombario: liss had Bombario: she used it mid Bombario: can we ff Bombario: lamo Bombario: why do u speak Bombario: u so bad urself (4/9 lissandra says lee is so bad) Bombario: premade Bombario: losing 3 lanes Bombario: and flame Bombario: wow Bombario: mister silver Bombario: is flaming play Bombario: plat Bombario: cuz silver is Bombario: 3/4 Bombario: 140 cs mid Bombario: 22 min Bombario: keep typing Bombario: ok Bombario: man Bombario: if u say so Bombario: i carried ppl liked you Bombario: all the way there Bombario: yes Bombario: u are right Bombario: carry me plz master Bombario: its actly was ur call Bombario: to go blue Bombario: no follow Bombario: cuz red is good Bombario: and free Bombario: and we are 5vs5? Bombario: 5vs4 Bombario: this path Bombario: we get it Bombario: u went Bombario: watch replay after game Bombario: look ur pathing Bombario: plz Bombario: then dont Bombario: and shut Bombario: wow Bombario: such a good premades Bombario: smart Bombario: god i am glad this 1 is over Post-Game Bombario: wow Bombario: the flame Bombario: silver player Bombario: man Bombario: 4/9
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