My friend got banned, and for good reason! He thinks otherwise.

So, i'm not going to mention his name, to respect the privacy. He has spent a couple of thousands in league for cosmetics, and after not even 1 year, he managed to do it. His statement " I don't think this is worth 14-days of ban, my team was horrible ". So i had a look at his chat log for the past 3 games : Then i had a look at his past 3 games: As far as i can see, he was the worst performing player, and adding flaming on top of that is a perfectly issued ban. He's probably thinking i'm a terrible friend, but my expectations were higher, considering his age. I've specifically told him an year ago to stay away from the in-game chat, he didn't listen. Rest in pepperoni. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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