Does a 14-Day Ban reset?

Hwy guys. So in around January of 2019 I got a 14 day ban on one of my accounts. I was super toxic so not looking for validation or anything. Anyways, so since then, I had made a new account (this one) which I played on for a short period of time like 2 weeks, and then I just decided to stop playing League for good. Now that school is over I started playing again on this account. I'm having fun, getting honored, not flaming etc. Thing is, I subconsciously convinced myself that the account with that 14 day had a perma instead, so I never thought it would see the light of day again. Yesterday, I was going through what accounts I made (i have like 5, 2 banned rest not) and turns out the 14 day banned account still works. Now I have not played on it since January, and keep in mind it has most my skin and champs. I would like to go back and play on it, but i fear i might get one penalty and get perma'd. I know I wont be as toxic as I was back then, but you never know. So i was wondering since I left the account for so long, would I straight up get a perma if i get penalized, or does it reset to chat bans. I don't want to commit to it if there's a chance i get perma'd. Plus I am on honor lvl 0 there and i would get matched with people with the same attitude I think, so what do you guys think?
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