Death of Solo: Do not play ranked

Hi all, With the arrival of S6 came dynamic queue which totally destroyed the fun experience for a solo queue player. Personal abilities, map presence and superior map play do not seem to matter any more and the victory only seemed to belong to the team with a better premade's and better synchronization. On one team you get a casual club premade (or not even that) and the other you get a premade team on skype/discord/teamspeak. Solo players are dead and they do not matter any more. What is Riots opinion on that following are the details. > > So in plain simple words Riot is telling a Solo queue player to get a piece of rod and stick it up their's, because solo queue ain't coming back. I ask what was wrong with the old system? because I really can't find any. You had team ranked where premade's, could have played constructing a team. Surely you can make slight improvement in the MMR matching, but currently this system is literally sh*t. I have lost to a premade bronze ranked players just because of this system. > Here are my loses on two accounts. I am not a hypocrite and I do make mistakes and lose games based on that, but currently I am experiencing the worst of sh*ts on my team. I have decided to play normal's now where win don't matter. Recent normal games I do not play serious but I still manage to win why? because I couldn't find any premade on them. All the garbage that has hiding under rock or some thing have really come out in last 2 weeks where I only get losses in ranked. My apologies for the flame and salt but too much sadness. > Sorry for the rant, but I needed to let it all out, thank you all for bearing with me. > P.S. Seriously premades decide everything now from champ select to report phase, was so sick and tired of getting matched with premades that I literally decided to not play that game seriously just because it had a duo premade and you know what we won that game? why, I didn't do sh*t but because we had a better premade. The game is literally on luck now.
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