Honor Transformation Thread

Hi. Im a super toxic player. In this thread, im gonna go from Honor 0 to Honor 5. I will post an update response every time I level up in Honor. I will prove that Honor Hell doesnt exist and that you can get a high rank of honor even if youre the most toxic piece of shit in the game, like me. right now, my account status is "close to getting perma banned". I was banned 14 days, I have a 25 chat restriction right now and 20 min leaver queues. It doesnt show me how many matches I have the 20 min leaver queue for though. I will see that once I have played the first match. Im gonna stop being toxic now and start honoring other players too (ive never done that before either), and im gonna write gj" and "wp"n shit in chat from now on. This is really going to happen. TL;DR IM GONNA BE HONORABLE AS %%%% {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:1}}
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