Why bother anymore?

Just got permabanned. Played the game for some months and it's just so funny how easily you get these bans. These are games I played over the weekend and rarely even talk in game because of previous bans like this. I heard whenever u get banned u are supposed to post it here for other's amusement and the "glad you got banned" comments. The community is rotten and the game itself is kinda bad rn. Might be back for the summer but we'll see if I can do the grind again :D Game 1 cistrans: btw rhaast > shadowkin cistrans: well good luck cistrans: I bet you are going to be useless as shadowkin but prove me wrong cistrans: stop pinging maybe and gank? cistrans: when u are out there farming ur jungle cistrans: I said ff but u choose to waste time cistrans: at least stop this flame while doing it cistrans: verbal >> bad game cistrans: she is just a flamer. Ignore her cistrans: wait cistrans: are you serious with the 1st question? cistrans: and still building some custom game crap? cistrans: :D pls cistrans: oh yeah u rip my rights cause of my bd cs cistrans: quite the team player cistrans: btw if u were rhaast we'd have better chances cistrans: Sry lads cistrans: this is a waste of time if u dont take it seriously cistrans: quite the accusation cistrans: Are these necessary comments that will help the situation cistrans: if u checked my history you'd see I don't play poppy at all cistrans: and my performance is relative to the amount of trash talkers in the team cistrans: but glad u are having fun with ur shadow kayn bud :D cistrans: literally other champs I play banned cistrans: Lul cistrans: guys why be so mean? cistrans: are you %%%%ing kids or what? cistrans: Like that is so useless cistrans: shut the hell up already and play cistrans: I couldn't give two %%%%s about some kids giving me bs in a video game :D cistrans: about how I'm too bad for them :D cistrans: gg wp cistrans: yeah report the bad player cistrans: not the flamers cistrans: cool story cistrans: QQ Game 2 cistrans: super sheep! cistrans: baited cistrans: aaaaaaaaaaaaaand you sir are stupid cistrans: double buffed renekton love it cistrans: hmm i think the promos were DVV-- cistrans: I can afford to lose this one cistrans: against a 3-0 renekton? cistrans: yi set me for life lol cistrans: who plays master yi for early invade on enemy golems? XD cistrans: that is what happens cistrans: when I go top xD cistrans: nope just a realistic person cistrans: if a jungler ints my lane how should I be able to win it? cistrans: heck yes cistrans: nic e help cistrans: somehow this is my fault xD cistrans: this renekton can literally walk to the fountain and murder me cistrans: and my kids cistrans: and hot wife cistrans: im not inting cistrans: literally dived 2 times cistrans: dude how about you shut up cistrans: none of this is helping cistrans: be quiet and report me like all the noobs do when they lose a game and start the blame cistrans: it wasnt blaming cistrans: it was a fact that renekton is too big to take on alone since he decided to die to him twice cistrans: lol wp cistrans: nice play xD cistrans: unlucky cistrans: yeah yi is enough alrdy cistrans: gg wp Game 3 cistrans: 3/0/2 graves cistrans: now snowball man nice score stop flaming and I might not report you cistrans: bot* cistrans: scumbags cistrans: gj cistrans: trash cistrans: those %%%%ing bastards do some much damage cistrans: ? cistrans: trash cistrans: they are so bad cistrans: i literally main soraka supp and i stomp on you all cistrans: how about you learn to play instead of blaming riot? cistrans: cry more guys cistrans: so funny when u whine, all a loser can do cistrans: XD sit down cistrans: gg easy
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