Quitting League

I have been playing league of legends for about since season 1, beginning of my high school. Loved the game and loved it ever after. Didnt play as much as i do today. And let me tell you this, I have been never so stressed and pissed off. Used to play on NA where i used to live. Btw. its much better over there. Every game, there is always someone blaming another person for ex. me. Kid is afk, then lags and then tell me that im a fu* noob cause i have low cs, and cant dodge morganas q, saying stuff like i quote "YOOUUU %%%%TARDDD" 'I CUCKKK YOUR MOM" And other lovely things that wasnt covered by league. This was of course only the last game. And ive never seen a notification of someone getting banned for saying stuff to me like "%%%%K YOUR MOM" "%%%%KK YOU" "U %%%%ER" "N*word" "N word in diffrent language" It happend a zillion times and nothing. League of legends is the most TOXIC game i have ever played. And thus day will be my last of playing it and i will record it and post it everywhere to show what a lovely comuunity league of legends have. Thank you for all the good times, Kind regards <3 Miss u old riot. ;c
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