What i have realised about life

So i realised that playing in silver as an ADC main without a premade is like hell on earth. Every lane seems to play fine but Botlane and Jungle is always missing performance. It's as if every player in the game is decently good but Jungle and Botlane are always losing no matter what in every game. So after my like 100 games i started to believe that these supporters sabotage me on purpose because it does not seem logical that every other player apart of Jungle and Support is way beyond their skill. Then all of a sudden it struck me like a lightning. What type of people are toxic in real life? The hurt ones. The severely hurt ones that don't care about what'll happen next because they're to worried about finding a way to stop what is happening right now. And all these other hurt people that do not lash out in real life because, maybe, they're stuck to believe that it's "not that bad" now try to figure out ways to stop what happens or happened to them. Since they're too afraid of trying anything negative in real life due to consequences, they value and cherish the Internets anonimity and if not the anonimity, they cherish the fact that the people have to go through the police to find them and all sorts of damage/violence is illegal. (I do not believe in imprisonment as anything that would affect my life negativly). So after we finished the basics of thought, which can be skipped because i will make it very clear here: Top: Top is there to perform well and win the game with the Team. Jungle: Jungle is there to help other lanes perform better. Mid: Mid is there to perfom well and win the game with the Team. ADC: ADC is there to perform well and win the game with the Team. Support: Supports are there to help the ADC perform well and win the game with the Team. (A supporters performance is based on helping the ADC.) Do you get the clue? If something that is supposed to help you and is supposed to be fun to people that like to help is chosen by someone that likes to sabotage. They not only may make someone that enjoys helping others autofill to a role where their help is less needed, they also have the fun of sabotaging you and disappointing you in a way that no other role would if it was not performing well. If we take serious what i just said we now have to speculate about which lane (Jungle or Support) has the higher potential to sabotage the players. So first of all they will most likely try to hide how much worse they perform than they could so they do not get banned and can cause as much harm to the playerbase as possible. A support could hit the minions in ways that make you farm worse and just pretend "they tried to help you push". They could also decide to start pushing the wave 24/7 and start attacking the Tower and unless you Mention that "hey we can't farm behind that tower because it is too risky to be that deep in a lane" they'll continue doing this. I've experienced my supporters ignoring my request to not push and then call me mentally disabled. The support could also just pretend that he does not speak your language and riot can't do much About someone pushing a lane because their may have been reasons. Also riot would maybe or maybe not know that people learn from Error and Trial so you can not just punish everyone in a harsh way or no one would ever be good at the game. The support could also decide to roam in a bad Moment because he just saw "the jungler flash up on the map near mid lane" and allow you to be open towards being poked severely and then you lose the lane because you've lost XP and +125g for a wave. If the support does this multiple times it stacks up so severely that there is no point in the adc deciding to still continue playing. We are lucky that riot is a very understanding company with very high threshholds of "tolerance" towards going afk. Apart of this, if the support understands that the ADC is there to provide almost all the damage for the Team they can become "profesional Sabotage supports". Maybe helps them if they want to send a resumé to the evil they're creating/looking for. A Jungler (and we are only speaking about the trolls that are hiding that they are trolling) can gank "less" than the opponent. Can farm "too much" compared to the opponent or decide to gank when they have the ability to take 1, 2 or 3 minions while claiming "it was for the item". All of this would absolutely fall outside of the radar a riot employee has and definetely does not open him up to the possibility of restricting the player from playing the game. That's atleast what i believe... i would be amazed if riot would allow an employee to ban a jungler for being in the jungle too much. They can of course correct me if i am wrong. :) ( i like speculating :D) So a Jungler may be able to do the stealing minions thing once, twice or at _worst_ 3 times without it becoming very obvious that he is either radically selfish or very willing to show that he wants to Sabotage his teammates. A profensional Sabotage jungler knows that all lanes in all ranks perform alike. The player with the most XP/Gold wins 99/100 times unless there are people that sabotage the game secretly. From my point of view it is clear that the _Support_ has the highest ability of sabotaging their teammates and at the same time has the highest likelyhood of achieving what he wants to achieve (Losing and Tilting the teammates) without being cought and without being called out for it. So to have a higher winrate you have to clear out the spots that would look the sweetest to someone that wants to Sabotage their teammates. Support will be the best spot for you to take away from the trolls. If you now find a premade that is fairly decent at Jungle your odds of leaving _any_ rank you are in becomes *DRASTICALLY* more likely. I would love for riot to implement a 100 Game Restriction for people that are just too bad to be allowed to Play in ranked.... this would take too many employees! But riot could decide to allow people that are higher than a certain rank to overlook the players that have been reported for "too bad to play" and decide if they should play normal games as a restirction and how many. Anyways.... those are my thoughts..
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