Did I deserve this perma ban?

English is my secondary language so if grammar etc is off I apologize. So I've been playing this game for about 9 or so years now give or take, and I have to admit I used to be quite toxic and verbal in chat in my early years of playing this game. I was a teenager after all. However throughout the years of me playing this game I obviously grew up and got severely less toxic. I rarely ever use chat but this game I got a little annoyed and should have honestly just let it go but yeah, ofc I didn't. I can admit that a few things I said this game was a little negative and probably reportable, but I don't really think it was enough for a permanent ban. Here is the full chat log from the last ever game I played. Before you read, here's some backstory: Blitzcrank were posting virus links in the pre-game lobby. Karthus and Blitzcrank were very verbally abusive the entire game, not just towards me but other players as well. > Game 1 > Pre-Game > Klut: probs ye > Klut: just report > Klut: haha > Klut: so question to all of those who have played vi before > Klut: do you turn off smartcast for q or just hold the q and have smatrcast on > Klut: bc I do both but idk what feels less awkward > In-Game > Klut: nice one > Klut: ty > Klut: can u play the game > Klut: ty > Klut: rep karthus toxic ty > Klut: ty :) > Klut: indeed xD > Klut: now u speak english? > Klut: wp :D > Klut: ill come bot > Klut: need b > Klut: land hooks pls > Klut: jesus > Klut: wp draven > Klut: report karthus > Klut: int > Klut: wp > Klut: ill come top again > Klut: omg > Klut: the god galio ult > Klut: amazing how every lane manages to feed so hard in 15 minutes > Klut: I can't be everywhere at once > Klut: and you can't press r > Klut: or even play a basic tower defence game > Klut: but oh well > Klut: (: > Klut: bronze is bronze I guess > Klut: higher than yours xoxo > Klut: muted 4 life > Klut: same lol > Klut: your mmr is bronze > Klut: oof > Klut: at least hes got assists > Klut: means hes done something for the team > Klut: ahahahah bronze premade with karthus > Klut: blitz toxic too btw > Klut: cheers > Klut: I never said anything to him > Klut: wp though > Klut: your dmg is nasty > Klut: blitz have been spamming french flame all game idk > Klut: draven and galio is nice > Klut: jesus > Klut: focus the carry maybe > Klut: 2/6 and useless? > Klut: I got you 2 dragons > Klut: you're just mad because you're hardstuck? > Klut: and delusional > Klut: sick hook > Klut: 2/7 > Klut: still I got kills that fight and you jsut died at the start of it > Klut: since you were too busy flaming lol > Klut: ult > Klut: he goes in and dies then ults > Klut: he still is bc he'd rather flame than play > Klut: muted them at this point tbh > Klut: they're trying so hard to tilt me :P > Klut: gj > Klut: 2/9 > Klut: u2 > Klut: draven mate > Klut: move > Klut: look map > Klut: pls > Klut: you do dmg > Klut: blitz how about you actually use your warding item before you talk > Klut: you've done nothing for the team all game > Klut: all you've done is flame literally everyone > Klut: but whatever bro > Klut: wp > Klut: bye > Klut: you literally left the game > Klut: so you lost every argument > Klut: nice overextend btw > Klut: got us every dragon > Klut: you've got us? > Klut: nothign > Klut: nice int > Klut: k > Klut: gg wp > Klut: rep karthus blitz ty > Post-Game > Klut: all karthus and blitz did that game was flame me. > Klut: so much for getting us objectives and ganking i guess. > Klut: love toxic premades. > Klut: gg wp. > Klut: hf getting banned i guess > Klut: lol > Klut: it's his second account > Klut: so > Klut: I win this one sorry buddy
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