Banning champions sucks

Last night I bought zed and was really looking forward to playing him. I just tested him on the bots and went to sleep cause it was getting late thinking I'll play him tomorrow. So I got back from school, entered lol, selected draft pick and picked mid first(because I wanted to play zed), adc second(because I kinda suck at it and think that I need to improve). In my first game I got to play zed and had a lot of fun. In my first game playing as him I went 8 2 so as soon as match ended I started queue again. For the next 2 games I got adc, but oh well, who cares. And then in my 4th game of the day I finally get mid. I choose zed in those first 10s and write in chat "dont ban zed please :)", and morgana from my team bans him intentionally. I didn't want to play any other champ so I locked in Nunu(predator,celerity,ghost, cleanse, and bought boots first). Of course I had intention of running it down. At that moment I would've run it down even if i was in promos. In the end I was 2 16, stole some cannon minions and we lost the game. I got the notification that I got a 14 day ban. My point is that if someone chooses a certain champion in those first 10s, teammates can't ban that champion, cause many people think its funny to troll others, but when I started trolling morgana was raging and telling me "she'll %%%% my mother". And don't tell me "just play blind pick" because it's stupid. I play draft pick because it guarantees me one of two roles which I select and people usually don't say "(instert role here) or feed". You may also say I could've dodged or just played that game and played zed next game, but that's not my point.
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