riot. why am i recieving chat restriction for this?

first game i was beeing offensive (in context - yes did i say offensive words that get censored? -no )because i was fiddle support and i roamed. before i roamed i gave my adc 3 kills and he had 30 cs lead. i go roam and get the team 15 kills before 20 minutes. sivir goes on to tell me im useless and proceeds to int. i told her thabecause i got mad and i didnt mute everyone in game. now the second game which is actually debatable if i should be or shouldnt be punished here is the chat i deleted everything that wasnt offensive (ask me below for full chat if u wish) LVL 99 Godfather: braum if u continue that ur gonna get 14 day - telling braum that because he flamed me LVL 99 Godfather: stay back LVL 99 Godfather: trist has double buffs- me warning them not to die (after which they (bot lane) died 7 times to that tristana ) LVL 99 Godfather: ffs-me just saying ffs LVL 99 Godfather: oh fu*k- again me not offending anyone LVL 99 Godfather: fu*k-again LVL 99 Godfather: fu*k- yes i said frick a lot of times LVL 99 Godfather: fu*k - -_- prolly reason i got restriction but wasnt offensive towards anyone LVL 99 Godfather: stfu- he talked all game (yes i talk a lot but at least i was playing decently and was actually winning the lane ) LVL 99 Godfather: hypocryte trash - he said i trolled and what not typical things that teammate blamers say when theyre bad themselvers LVL 99 Godfather: braum stfu - same as anobe LVL 99 Godfather: onmly usefull thing u do is use ult LVL 99 Godfather: u just talk - same thing LVL 99 Godfather: low elo trash- he calls all of us low elo "uncarriable noobs" and i was alredy mad at this point (ranked game btw) LVL 99 Godfather: stop playing ranked LVL 99 Godfather: flaming again- spam pinged me LVL 99 Godfather: gl at 14 day vacation LVL 99 Godfather: ggs riot pls stop automatically banning people and even if i was offensive in both games the person reporting me was extremely toxic towards me and lost me the game
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