bots scripts in ARAM and VS AI

I've been encountering this every game vs AI. every game 3 players are bots and they all do the same counter-ban actions: at least one switching between champion before lock in. in game one of them writes some generic line like "stun them". they all go mid, attacking and going forward until dead by turret or bot. once one went to other lane for a few basic hits on turret and died. they use skills in random directions. usually end up with each of the bots 0/14-17/3 (assists when me or the one other human player kill). this is annoying as hell. i play vs AI to relax and now i need to invest energy to carry. one of my games was 60 minutes! you can check my match history and the replays from the last week. its disgusting. from what i managed to gather, others experience the same with a bit of differences. also in aram. here are links: please rito, do something already! i saw you ban people automatically for feeding 0/13/0!
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