Chat banned for 1 word

I got chat banned right before end of season for using literally 1 toxic word: "trash". I get it, i shouldn't use that word. But still, 1 word and I got chat banned instantly, are you kidding me Riot? I understand if I would be toxic whole game but this? Its a %%%%ing joke. I don't know how i will get my honor back if i can use any offensive words toward my teammates throughout whole season. Its literally impossible, everyone sometimes has moments where they cant stand it anymore and say toxic word. I get something like that once every 200 games. Some people will say "just /mute all, lol". Imo communication with ur teammates is important and pings aren't enough so muting isn't an option here. I used that word towards my jungler that was not nice to me as well but i didn't report him after game because I didn't consider him that toxic that he deserves a ban. So from your logic i should report everyone that is not nice to me? That's not how it should work...
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