When is it "OK" to AFK?

So, I just finished a game of SoloQ (surprise surprise) and after around the 5 minute mark during the game, our ADC goes AFK. Didn't even leave the game, just sat in base and complained about his support (which was Mundo). Apparently he AFKed because Mundo was "trolling and inting" and knew the "game was over". Even though I saw none of this happen and the support absolutely did not troll, our ADC insisted that he did it for that reason. Now, more to the point, in post game lobby - The enemy support actually defended this guy. Saying that the ADC going AFK was totally justified. I'm sorry, what? AFKing during a ranked SoloQ game is totally justifiable now? As far as I'm concerned, it's never OK to AFK. Even if there a "troll" in the game, or if someone is inting... There's a surrender button for a reason. Nothing was said by the support to cause the ADC to go AFK, but even still, how can someone justify another person going AFK during a ranked game? This is exactly what is wrong with the community nowadays. For the past 8 seasons since I started playing this game, I've never seen anything like this.
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