Toxic poeple?

I accepted 2 friendrequest, no idea who they were, ended up being the kid who told me to get aids etc, here is the chatlog. ur bad af u cant play in d4 u should be banned for ebay dude trying to get account banned? :) 0/7 %%%%% ruinning everyones game ur crying little %%%%% cant take harsh truth about ur sucking game choke on that %%%% %%%%% boy wait, did you get perma banned? :D yay lol u hate toxic people %%%%%% shit no way toxic hater %%%%%% boy trash boy stfu and you are ? but you will be xD Thank you for supporting me on taking out toxic players u hate toxic people %%%%%% shit lol toxic hater %%%%%% boy what a kiddo stfu inecure toxic kid no wonder ur parents %%%% you up insecure :) and you are ? good one :) stop being a toxic person ^^ flaming is even in real life sports what the %%%% do u mean pro players thrash talk eachother hard what are you ? 12? are you ? flamers do not belong in competative games have you heard about sportsmanship ? getting offended over some words by random people stop being a puss You are wrong :) or dont play videogames yes deal with it has flamers every %%%%ing competetive game yea ur feeding your ass off every game "why are you such a %%%%% over someone flaming you" have u never played video games Not really offended :) just tired and at the end of the day i just report them all over the places and put out thread on them ;) But who are you ? competetive fplayer who cannot stand such %%%%% ass players like you they dont behave like you do :) if u were a girl its called sportsmanship i'd understand but who are you ? like literally ill just make is simple. holy moly, you just made a new level of how toxic and childish a person can be over someone flaming you why are u such a %%%%% now grow up get some real balls, stop being toxic and start behave and you are ? like a normal human being Living proof that Riot dont give a damn over what poeple type.
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