Lets talk about honor and punishments

TL:DR 1) Look into automatic detection of Int.Feeding, tweek precision over recall 2) Why would you reset someones honor lvl for a minor chat offense? 3) HOW does honor progress actually work? 0) First off, let me say, that my account was actually never punished, neither chat restrictions nor bans. But at the same time, I hear the storys of ingame friends and on ppl on this board and I wonder if the current direction Riot takes, is the right one. 1) After i saw hash getting banned for getting stomped by Adriens Riven and after reading about an even worse system detection that was described on this board (unranked player banned in a normal draft), I have to say that Riot should look into the automatic detection of "Intentional Feeding" and might consider to tweek precision over recall in that case (meaning maybe letting more actual feeders go, in exchange for punishing less unintentional bad games). It somewhat scares me to know that i might be the next one, cause i might have a bad game and the enemy snowballs on me ... 2) I cant talk from personal experience, but some of my friends got a punishment for flaming and while i feel, that a punishment might be justified, I have to wonder about the severity considering the chatlogs that were attached to the report cards. None of them threatened their teammates, wished a disease on them or something like that, it was the typical childish behaviour on the lines of "you are shit" "you suck" and so on. The actual punishments were mild also, but the biggest problem for them at that time were the honor lvl reset. Which meant they couldn't play clash (jokes on us, nobody could xD) and for some it prolly will take to long to reach lvl2 till end of season. I always wondered why some1 who was following summoners code for most of the season and breaks it at the end of it, is somehow more entitled than some1 who breaks it at the start and maybe in the middle but not at the end.... But be this as it may, i wonder, why you would reset some1 to lvl 0 for a minor offense? In cases of threats, racism, etc. i can understand, but for some salty flame ... why not just put them 1 lvl down (4->3) and give them the chat restriction or the 14-day ban. Let the punishment be over at some point, dont punish some1 100 days after a minor chat offense with denying them to play with their friend in clash or denying them rewards for the entire 250 days season ... 3) That's the next point, why does honor progress feels like it takes ages. I remember a statement of riot, that all that was needed to progress, was playing to win and being positive. Now, as i stated in the intro, i never got punished, but didnt manage with 800 games to reach honor lvl 5. Interestingly enough do, i have my suspicions what works for honor progress and what doesnt. I mostly play ranked, support, and this is pretty shitty to progress, not only is there almost always some1 salty at the end of the game who doesnt honor, but also when your botlane does well, more often than not the adc gets the honor. But i have to say you almost always get 1 honor, because adc's have a heart too ;). When I did progress, it was often after playing with my premade squat and them spamming honor on me OR after a winning spree in soloQ. So there are pretty much 2 ways i got honor lvl progress, 1) being a manipulative bastard and seducing my friends to spam me with honor xD and 2) in a statistical whimsy performing better than usual and getting more wins, therefore less salty teams and therefore more honor. So not much left from the lovely idea, that you just have to play with honor and keep the summoners code to progress, is there? I dont rly understand the mystery keeping from riot in that ascpect, either it is something you wanna reward, then tell us how we can be rewarded, or it should just indicate if we got punished or not, then design it as such... So that was me, a bit rumbling about my thoughts, what do you guys think? What were your experiences with the honor progress over the season?
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