What purpose does the chat serve after champion selection? Why not remove it?

I don't get it. Every game it's the same spam in the chat. The amount of times the chat has been used for anything productive is abysmal. The highest I ever got in my ranked games was promo to Diamond. I don't know how it is in Diamond and above but Platinum and below? It borders insanity. You know what I'm talking about: Accusations, insults and general toxicity for every slightest mistake another player makes. Muting players doesn't solve a thing because even if I mute the entire chat, other players will still fight and spam and in return not play their part and ruin the round. I mean you got pings now for communication, what other purpose is there for the chat? Calling shots? No one's listening anyway and you can ping and run to an objective and hope others follow, which I'm doing anyway. Even if we ace the enemy team and I call for baron or another objective, players still do whatever they wanna do. Go get buffs, go shopping, or (my favourite) overstay alone or in pairs of two and get caught by the respawn... How about a general restriction to 1 chat / minute up to a max of 5 or so? Like when you get a chat restriction... I really think that LoL is a good game, it's fun to play but the chat is really, frustratingly destroying the fun. tl;dr: Petition to remove the chat entirely.
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