Got banned from 1 game?

I logged in today, it says my account is suspended and gives chat from 1 game, i love how it only gives MY chat and not the opponent Anyway i played support and had 3 premades in team, 1 of them was afk for 11min and came back later, and fed and we lost and top lane was his preamde which ended with 3-14, wrote "i dont care its not ranked i can feed" and the 3rd premade just trolled and didnt gank ANY lane [jungler] on purpose for the entire 25minute.... ZyzzJrz: he will just troll and feed u all game... enjoy free win ZyzzJrz: gg anyway ZyzzJrz: top is 1-7 trolling ZyzzJrz: 19min 0 ganks from our jungler ZyzzJrz: then he asks "whats wrong?"| ZyzzJrz: ff pointless ZyzzJrz: 7th loss in a row because of trolls... so fun ZyzzJrz: 6-0 on bot lane.... still lost because top 2-14 ZyzzJrz: 3-12 trolll enjoy ur ban ZyzzJrz: this isnt ranked doesnt mean u can troll ZyzzJrz: im support... im not taking farm... ZyzzJrz: sad i need to explain it to u ... ZyzzJrz: bg.... Is this really what this game all about? this is called fair judgment?
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