Final strike and perma banned S1 account with 4k games played and over 1k invested DEVASTATED

Just wanted to send the chat log for my Perma ban granted its my third strike but to perma ban a players for text without taking into account the investment players have put into the account, company that issues ban hammers without considering just perma chat banning players. [0:36] Dominocore (Ashe): gg no frontline we can only win with a split push [4:26] Dominocore (Ashe): then why join ranked? [5:44] Dominocore (Ashe): then get better internet rofl [5:51] Dominocore (Ashe): or pick a better region for youi [6:25] Dominocore (Ashe): muted? [6:26] Dominocore (Ashe): lol [8:05] Dominocore (Ashe): yeah gg [8:38] Dominocore (Ashe): ez reported [9:39] Dominocore (Ashe): u can wait for a report ez [11:05] Dominocore (Ashe): kid? [15:06] [All] Dominocore (Ashe): nonje has flamed this ez only point out facts [15:22] [All] Dominocore (Ashe): this ez has done nothing but mis%%%%% top lane feed and then mute players that are trying to help [15:28] [All] Dominocore (Ashe): report him please [16:53] Dominocore (Ashe): idd [17:29] [All] Dominocore (Ashe): this z threw our game from champ select so please ban this scum [18:44] [All] Dominocore (Ashe): dude u wont pay attention to what players tell u its just your solo mind u cant take critisim and u just feed exspecting the team to fix your mistakes [18:57] [All] Dominocore (Ashe): i srsly hope you get banned ez none has flamed you once this game [19:41] [All] Dominocore (Ashe): ty [34:27] [All] Dominocore (Ashe): gg wp please report ez [39:33] [All] Dominocore (Ashe): gg wp Post-Game Chat [2019-10-15 15:54:24 EEST] Dominocore: enjoy the report ez [2019-10-15 15:54:28 EEST] Dominocore: get to iron 4 mate [2019-10-15 15:54:33 EEST] Dominocore: its fun for players like you Granted I was an arse but a bit over the top to ban me for 1 single game... Below are riots responses... Email 1: I'm sorry to see you've been suspended. I know how unpleasant and frustrating this experience can be. I wish we could have met under better circumstances. I know how frustrating it can be to get picked on by random players online. I also understand that during a match or competitive environment, emotions can be intense, leading us to do things we normally wouldn't. I noticed you interacted with your team and tried giving tactical advice! Wanting to help your team-mates perform better shows that you're a team oriented player, however, how you say things matters just as much as the information you're trying to deliver, as you can be misunderstood in chat. Contrary to popular belief, using negativity in order to stop a concerning behaviour (such as chat harrasment) will not stop the negative behaviour, but actually encourage the player to continue displaying it. Negativity doesn't stop negativity, it just extends its life-time. Chat retaliation by its nature is not defense as it involves striking back. In order to defend yourself in future situations, muting the player and no longer interacting with them in chat is the safest option. While I understand how frustrating that match was, and that you had the best intentions - which didn't show in the actions you took, considering the context provided above, I hope you now see the counter-productive nature of chat retaliation. No good comes out of fighting fire with fire. For the context and reasons provided above, the punishment will not be lifted. I know that looking at the chat and at the punishment, you'd get confused. In order to understand why a permanent suspension was applied, we'd have to look at how the instant feedback system's escalation path works. The escalation path acts as a ladder. Every display of negativity can take you up a level from the first - to the last punishment (permanent suspension), even in the absence of severely offensive language. Since you've already passed trough all of the punishment types, the system moved up to a permanent suspension. Email 2 response... ( I sent a strongly worded email as I was infuriated that riot wouldn't acknowledge the age of the account or how much money i had invested into it Please refrain from using inappropriate language in your support request, as this is against our Terms of use Continuing to display such attitude may lead to your ticket being closed without a reply. I know some games can be frustrating. Outside work, I'm a player as well x.x and I've encountered numerous players who flamed me or my teammates. I know it's hard to keep it in >.<' but your reply reflects your personality. We, as player support, can't control what others say, but you, as a human, can control what you show to this world. Fighting fire with fire is not a solution as harsh and offensive words are not allowed in our game. As much as I do understand your reasoning, we treat each and every case individually and we do not take into consideration one player's behaviour to justify the other one's actions. Since the suspension can't be lifted, we cannot help you with anything than giving context on the matter. If you need help with anything else, please don't hesitate to let me know, but I'm afraid there's nothing else I can help you with on this case, as the context of the suspension has been addressed. Any future inquiries on this matter may lead to the ticket being closed without a reply. I hope you'll understand. Riot support doesn't look into the tickets fully they use a template to copy and paste responses meaning tickets are not look into fully or that the circumstances around the ban are. I'm not perfect and i think we all have been in game and lost our temper with a player but to ban me for e above chat is a complete joke not only that the support team dealing with this is america not the EU why is this??? To end this post thos this is the community forum so none in riot will see this I just wanted to say this has completely crushed me its not as simple as making a new account and i can keep playing if you just google the skins and money spent on my account Dominocore you will fully understand, 500 chat bans or perma chat bans I can accept but to just take my account away I would even accept a 1 year account suspension at least i know my account can be player again in the future and i have had an attitude adjustment I can accept any punishment other than a perma ban.
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