Got a chatban (although i dont agree with that especially with the 10 game part i accept it) BUT

**VERY LONG POST READ ONLY IF YOU HAVE TIME** Game 1 In-Game Neszo: top and mid care vk (correction in Post: vk=ok) Neszo: lvl2 Neszo: b Neszo: raka why leave lane??? Neszo: go on him Neszo: he has no R Neszo: and why? Neszo: cuz i'M 4-1 Neszo: 3 other lane wins Neszo: win the freaking game Neszo: cuz you have no mr Neszo: olaf are you afk??? Neszo: dont ping just %%%%i%%%%ome (correction in Post: dont ping just come) Neszo: instead of doing a camp Neszo: we win 3vs3 Neszo: WTB SUPPORTER Neszo: PM ME IF YOU FIND 1 Neszo: love solo laning Neszo: ty for taking my farm fiora Neszo: i already ook 3 waves from me (Correction in Post: u already took 3 waves from me) Neszo: im the %%%%i%%%%dc i need to get strong (Correction in Post: i'm the adc i need to get strong) Neszo: cuz you inted Neszo: who the hell cares Neszo: you stole 4 waves from me already Neszo: yes stole Neszo: 3 waves on bot 1 on mid Neszo: and now you recall Neszo: enjoy your ban Neszo: inting toxic trolling (Here the player wanted to report every1 and some of us told him that he will get reported, i wrote the player the reasons) Neszo: you have 3 assits which kill i stole Neszo: got 4.-1 on bot 2vs2 Neszo: after that solod bot cuz support left Neszo: yu are literally bad inter toxic Neszo: you are useless (She was constantly soloing dieing and spamming that every1 is useless and he is the best (his score was around 2-7-2 at this point, while every1 else had a good score and CS) Neszo: i won lane Neszo: 4-1 Neszo: 40 cs up Neszo: after that raka left Neszo: you went wha Neszo: 1-7 Neszo: kha ganked bot 5 timesú Neszo: so? Neszo: you died 7 times in 13 minutes Neszo: olaf where are oyu going Neszo: we had a %%%%ing catc%%%%ere (Correction in Post: we had a catch there (we could pick a kill by 3vs1ing their adc i even pinged it and my teammates just randomly turned around and blame me) Neszo: if oyu jsut dont run back to clear 1 ward Neszo: you MUST and HAVE TO learn macroplays Neszo: literally Neszo: yes macro in gold (Before this they said that macroplays in gold? (yes you have to learn those before you reach high tiers) Neszo: oh guess what the 'idiot" cait play worked put Neszo: gj steal more from adc (here they stole 4 waves from me (i was adc)) Neszo: and waste tp there Neszo: so clever Neszo: and oy udont deserrve to be here (here the inter sad that we don't deserve to win this game (when 1 of my teammates asked why is he not coming) Neszo: and after that raka left Neszo: and they give farm to ADC Neszo: not like you Neszo: 7 waves stolen Neszo: thats 42+ 4 cannons Neszo: tahts 46 cs Neszo: oh look im still up with thatú Neszo: if you dont steal Neszo: thx for stealing cs Neszo: we are up to 11 waves Neszo: and 2nd time int after that gj mid Neszo: nice so toplane int and troll Neszo: mid and jg rq Neszo: ofc he does more burst xd XD Neszo: he is an assasin Neszo: bg Game 2 In-Game Neszo: he did buff to buff Neszo: adn wolves Neszo: yas has double but no summs Neszo: oh he killed after buffs Neszo: expired :D Neszo: how did he still has ignite Neszo: why am i even trying to make free kills this elo Neszo: leona your ult stuns the ENEMY Neszo: not your own ally Neszo: ah then i know why i have players like this supp Neszo: cuz its some1s promo Neszo: went 9-1 placements Neszo: after that lost Neszo: like 10 games Neszo: and won only 1 Neszo: or 2 Neszo: and leo for inting and trolling and playing a champ he doesn't now and afk Neszo: late is worse Neszo: leona ult rdy Neszo: all game Neszo: i cant do shit with this kind of support refusing to use ult then use it on ally champ Neszo: int the lane and dont follow support roam Neszo: and mid ofc leaves Neszo: yes leona you can kill that superminion Neszo: with your 80 ad Neszo: dont worry leo still has ult Neszo: bg (in game 2 our supporter was a 3rd party program.) Why do we know it? The answer is easy. She didn't ward, she didn't follow teammates, she was just running it down. She used her ult (leona ult 3 times in the game (twice on ally champ) once on enemy which was a total miss (at least 300-400 range miss). The game was more then 20 min long, and he kept playing like that many many matches (i checked her match history many times and she didn't get punished) So as you can see i copied the full text i got because i was "toxic". Okay i accept the chat ban but my problems are: 1. You can copy only your part of the text and you can't copy the others. 2. Okay you can say that learn how to ignore other players toxicity. 3. You can't show why did you write those words or sentences 4. Okay every1 can have bad games (even pro players) 5. At some points you will reach your personal limit where you just can't take more (yes you can take breaks from the game, but in longer period that won't fix it). ( An extra problem. Players playing their matches with unranked and filled teammates. Many times in low elo players do no have any clue about other roles or even other role items only their "main" role items. So when they fill in a game that team will have much lower chance to win the game (which should be 50-50% before champ select) Why do i get instant chat ban: when the games i am supposed to be played are always coinflip games. By coninflip i mean in every game I have at least 1 feeder (inter), 1 troll (leaving lane for no reason or jg who doesn't gank), 1 player who spamms surrender and 1 who is not leaving but just afking in fountain (no matter if he is in my team or the "enemy" team it is NOT good and annoying. In my opinion the problem with the current matchmaking is that (i am talking about plat elo and lower elo). You either get feeders, trolls and Ragequiters (afkers) in your team, or the enemy has them. **What's the problem with that?** - As a casual player when i play ranked i want to have fun (and ofc i want to climb). But i want to climb with good matches. For me it wouldn't matter if i win or loose IF it was a good 5vs5 match (no trolls, no leavers, no inters, no afks, no surrender spammers). Games passed (now at around 40 games) and i still didn't have a good 5vs5 match. (problems are listed above). Every game there is at least 1 player who just feed (dies every second minute). When he dies he starts to cry. When you try to be a nice guy you give him advices what to build what to do, he will swear on you or just continue what he was doing (feeding). When he reaches that point he will leave the game. When he leaves the game the enemy will either just push a lane (cuz they are in number advantage and at east 1 of them is very fed), or more players from your team will leave cuz "you have no chance" to win. **What could be the solution?** a, Leave everything like this and give instant chat ban or normal ban for players and let the ones who are actually ruining every game, play more games. b, Some RIOT members should visit plat and lower elo (ofc not with the summoner name RIOT "and something else here) and punish trolls leavers inters, and while doing it, make notes that how often players got "toxic" because they just couldn't handle the feeders and leavers in their game. Why solution B is better? Because in longer period of time the players who are in lower elo and trying to climb will become less "toxic" because they have good matches. We all know that toxic players are mainly in low elo, but at some point the non toxic players will leave the game because they just can't have good games and they will have enough. When these players leave the game the troll and inters will start to climb up the ladder and they will ruin higher elo games too. At some point the higher elo players won't be able to ignore them because they will have worse and worse matches and they will have coinflip games. When it will happen they will be "toxic" and punished for it, while the main problem will be still in the game. When you are having good matches you don't care that much you win or lose because you still can climb, learn new things, and have fun, because you just don't have to worry about who will int and leave in the particular game. **Summary:** So in this long post i wanted to show players that how much is enough to get punished. It doesn't matter how you behave in 97% of your matches, if you "can't" behave for 1 or 2 games you will get punished. No matter if you help others with tips, advises (because that would be normal) (they will report you for it because you are" toxic" btw) Which is fine IF and ONLY IF the players who made you this toxic (because they int and leave all of their game) gets punished too. (yes there are many sites you can check their scores; stats; etc.) So what is the main problem: That toxic players get instant punish. Banning toxic players is not always the best solution, because the main reason that players became toxic are still in the game without any punishments.
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