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I just played 6 games with a friend who just started playing, he is silver 5, and we got matched with mostly bronze 1/silver 5 players, I'm p1... All I have to say is that I'm disgusted after those 6 games. It was horrible... I have never seen so much flame and spam in my life. They blame everyone and everything and whenever they get a kill, I'm not exaggerating, after every single kill they gonna spam "EZEZEZEZEZEZ" (I mean.. if someone kills you, like legit outplay, saying "ez" is ok, but being really,really bad at this game, and you spamming "ezezezez" and celebrating like you've won worlds.. it's just...disgusting) even if they go 1/20 and win the game they are spamming "gg ez" and not only this, they flame each other like they are the worst enemies, also, they get mad very easily, in 6 games, every game someone was inting and blaming his team. I have never reported so many people in such a short time. I know they, probably, won't be punished. But I really feel sorry about those 10%-20% players who try to climb out of elo hell, I've met good players who do not deserve to be placed there but it's just sad to see so much toxicity. I know now, what elo hell truly is. I'm really,really sorry for every player stuck (undeserved) in bronze or silver. PS: Also, just a tip for those who are going through this hell, whenever someone flames,blames,spams etc.. just mute him and report him after the game, do not fall for that, mute & report. I am not talking about their ability to play this game, aka im not trash-talking them, we all started from the bottom, I'm just pointing out the DISGUSTING behaviour.. it's unacceptable.
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