4 premades trolling results in 14 days ban for me, that i didnt troll, thanks to automated ban syste

[redacted] I just had a game with 4 premades in my team :LEONA , GANKPLANK , LUX and KHA ZIX. When game started LEONA was afk and i went to help jungler. When blue monster was low on health he smited unexpectedly and my auto attack got the blue buff . he then returned to base , stayed there and flamed me for the whole duration of the game .Since the rest of the team was premades with him GANKPLANK started intentional feed to support his premade jungler friend and leona went top so i die as adc alone vs 2 in bot. Lux decided not to troll for whatever reason ( maybe was afraid of report) . I never was toxic on them i tried to explain what happened at blue buff and that what they do now is trolling and flaming. i asked enemy team to report them SINCE i was alone vs 4 . . When the game ended i ended up with 14 days ban .And probably they got away with nothing. I have my chat log to copy here to prove i never said anything bad to them and that 4 premade false reports got me banned . Is this the way to treat someone with 5000+ games and an account 6 years old ? an automated report -ban system with no chance to defend ourselves? PS: -Next time i find another troll premade team i am supposed to say ty for trolling guys to avoid permanent ban on my account ? -I can send anything required to prove my case. But even support section doesnt work. -I forgot to say this was a normal game i got banned for ...asking enemy team to report the trolls... -Good job on your automated system and good job on assisting trolls! Justice was served Riot , you should be proud...
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