The people who say 'RIOT i dont deserve the ban'

Can you not?Like actually can you freaking not?Stop coming to the boards to try to prove your innocence.Every time i read one of this posts i think to my self 'hmmm he might be right maybe riot messed up' but noooooooooope. 'BUT I GOT FLAMED RIOT WHAT SHOULD I DO?AM JUST DEFENDING MYSELF' so if someone flames you IN A VIDEO GAME (for the ppl who say dont make irl examples for videogames) you first response is?ding ding ding flame back.... rip Do you know how many types players say to me to %%%?or to get cancer?mothertrucker am playing JG freaking JG do you even know how many times i get flamed from the 0/5 bot or top for 'not ganking'or my fav response' the enemy jg ganked me 3 times when are you going to gank'????? Do you honestly believe that by figthting another person on the internet will restore your dignity?DO YOU EVEN HAVE IT TO BEGIN WITH?And btw why do you even spend time talking back?its a random person playing this game HES A NOBODY TO YOU why spend 10 mins flaming (oh sorry I mean "defending") the guy back.{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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