Season 10 - Reduce the amount of "Throwaway Accounts"

Okay, so I usually stick in the high silver low Gold ELO (Yes I know I'm trash) Either way, this seasons there's been a huge rise in the amount of low level smurf accounts playing in this ELO, with the accounts clearly being bought accounts as they're low level with basically no match history. If this "Smurf" plays badly they just AFK or troll as they know it's a throwaway account and they don't care what happens to that account or in that ranked game. And no I don't mean I have one or two of these games, I mean like once every 5/6 games you encounter this, I've played multiple seasons but this season I've seen a huge rise in this. I'm sure riot won't really care because they don't usually, but would appreciate some sort of assistance when dealing with this kind of stuff.
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