I got banned.

Diamond elo: I start my first game of the day. My team blames me (jungler) for every single mistake they made and they fed enemy team. They complained about how I was farming while enemy was ganking. They started verbally abuse me, flaming me, calling me names one guy even sweared cancer to me. Enemy agreed with them called me useless and they reported me too. I got 9x reports and 14 days suspension for that. And now I am seing the message saying: You are among 0.2% of league players negative enough to get suspension. This is my second account and I have been playing this game for almost 3 years by now and I only got suspended like this 2 years ago for like 1 or 2 days. I tought those day suspension are even removed from the game. I just reached platinum II was really proud of my match history I tought I can get diamond but this just backfired me, I didn't know I was this bad. I am sorry if I let u down all. I sorry if I farmed I really didn't wanted to. Like I FARMED I how could I FARM? OMG Who BOOSTED ME? FARMING? PFFF? What am I silver? Why would I farm when there's 3 0 enemy on lane waiting to outplay us and get a doublekill off my gank? Guys don't do the same mistake as I did. Don't farm. And BTW even if wards were removed you still have your trinket you know, you come to bush and press 4 hopefully this helps.
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