stop being rude to bronze players

seriously i know that placement sucks. i know you are probably gold/plat or whatever and you are forced to play with bronze scrubs. but honestly its pissing me off when in a game and some holier than though player starts flaming the bronze players expecting them to be able to make high elo outplays or even to understand the meta and stratagy. please spare a thought for the casual part time player than play the champs they like and just have fun. you can expect good plays from a bronze player and you can be shocked and angry at them when they play like a bronze player. stop reporting bronze players for being bad. you in diamond or plat and you top lane goes 1/10 then sure thats feed. but this shit is to be expected in bronze. its not inting, its not reportable, its just some dude having a bad day or going up against i higher lvl player thats probably smurfing or something. just realize, everytime you do this i cant help but picturing some absolute doofus walking into a preschool and insulting a bunch of 3 year olds for being stupid.
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