Do people still use scripts in ranked?

Hello everyone. So today, like all the days. I played a ranked game, But this game was not like any other... First of all, i thought the enemy draven was just so good. He catches all his axes perfectly, He dodges every skillshot and perfect CSing, But things started getting weird when he started canceling autoattacks to dodge things, But i was like 'Hey! he's pretty good!' But the fact that he dodged vladimir's blood pool by walking around him in a weird way, and canceling AA to dodge my ult (sona's ult) and walking away from every single jayce' blast, so i started wondering, Is he actually scripting? i really couldn't tell because im pretty sure scripters don't last much without getting banned but that dude is an old player im pretty sure, Is there a way to get away with scripting? Or is he just a godlike at the game? im wondering... you can check my i was playing sona with corki adc and the scripter was draven.
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