My experience in EUW and the first game I AFKed. Playing since S2.

After some seasons in eune I decided I wanted to try out euw and since I got better internet I was like yea let's do it. My god what a mistake, the people in euw are actually so much more toxic and worse at the game by a landslide.I honestly felt like euw plat is like eune silver if not worse. Bot lanes that have 1 death per minute kind of thing, shaco adc, people are legit trolling me every other game without any consequences it seems. The game I HAD to AFK. After 12 mins in game our bot lane had already 12 deaths total. And our support Brand had contributed 7 of which. And he started pinging me and flaming me (the jungler) , which is nothing new tbh. But in my experience going on a lane that dies every single minute is just a waste of time and is no way of winning a game so I just muted his chat and pings and moved on. 1 minute later when he died for 8th time, he decided to follow me anywhere I go and take my camps, reveal my ganks etc. After 3 minutes of him taking my camps and ULTING my krugs/wraiths I just couldn't take it.I felt like if I don't stop playing this game RIGHT NOW I will either break something IRL or just get my account banned for flaming him. I legit had to afk or lose my sh*t. My question is, will this game get me punished ? WIll he get punished ? I can give replay ID if necessary. EDIT: From my last 15-20 games replays I can link ATLEAST 3-4 games where players are running it down.No joke.This isn't one time thing in my games. 2nd EDIT: Naturally I report the players for griefing but the only time I get message that someone got punished is when I report someone for toxicity.
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