Tnx for everything RIOT

Tnx to huge amount of troll/feeders/flamers/afk/op premades, etc. I got myself demoted from gold back to silver. How is that possible don't know, but now my MMR is so bad that I'm so scared I will get back to bronze where I started this season. And as I remember last season support told me you cant get demoted from gold to silver but yet again here I am demoted. Every season I have same problem, I start good, reach around gold 1 or 2 and then i start to lose so hard that my MMR go so bad i stop play ranked. And 80% games I play solo. Just look at my last game, I was only gold in my team, others highest silver 1, lowest bronze 2. But when I want to play with friend who is bronze 1, game doesn't allow that. So RIOT please explain all this things. You can see my match history, and you will see how my MMR went so bad in less then 3 day when i was 61 lp gold 4.
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