perma bann (with game 1 and 2) since everyone was asking for it

Game 1 Pre-Game Zaeg: i cant lock in Zaeg: oh Zaeg: finally In-Game Zaeg: warded Zaeg: ohmy Zaeg: is wear Zaeg: i flashed wrong Zaeg: i could kill this nocturne Zaeg: dude Zaeg: how late Zaeg: can you ss Zaeg: seriosuly Zaeg: iam 0/3 Zaeg: thnx Zaeg: dude Zaeg: i have time stamps Zaeg: you litteraly pinged when he was in my bush Zaeg: iam 0/3 now thnx Zaeg: lee sin Zaeg: viktor Zaeg: is pushing this entire game Zaeg: and you gave me 1 useless gank Zaeg: yea Zaeg: nocturne killed em 2 times Zaeg: atleast he does gank Zaeg: thnx Zaeg: 3/0 Zaeg: too fed? Zaeg: he had 2 kills lmao Zaeg: atleaast pick a drake Zaeg: dude Zaeg: assist Zaeg: are 50 gold Zaeg: idgaf Zaeg: you know what i dont understand? Zaeg: lee doesnt gank Zaeg: but how can nocturne have Zaeg: more cs than lee Zaeg: how bad Zaeg: can you be Zaeg: to not gank and not have cs Zaeg: oh no Zaeg: dont mute me pls Zaeg: that hurts me Zaeg: like i give a f when you mute me Zaeg: ff 15 Zaeg: go next quick Zaeg: i hope he doesnt count himself as someone Zaeg: he did litteraly nothing this game anda cts like faker Zaeg: first game of the morning and i get this lee in my team Zaeg: forreal Zaeg: typical lee Zaeg: killsteal Zaeg: XD Zaeg: hhe wanna report the whole team Zaeg: dude Zaeg: he litteraly never ganks Zaeg: 2/4 Zaeg: is int Zaeg: 1/3 not Zaeg: lee logic Zaeg: you assist the whole team smh Zaeg: before calling me bad look at my match history :P Zaeg: vote yes Zaeg: gg Zaeg: who Zaeg: ? Zaeg: seriously who Zaeg: viktor kills me in 2 attacks Zaeg: fun fact is he killed me 3 times Zaeg: gg Post-Game Zaeg: lee Zaeg: definetly reported Zaeg: but have a nice day further Zaeg: i hope you will get teammates to carry u Zaeg: :D Zaeg: cya Game 2 In-Game Zaeg: brb Zaeg: oh no Zaeg: that minion you toke Zaeg: hurt me so ba Zaeg: a video game wont hurt me Zaeg: thanks for giving yasuo that kill v Zaeg: aight Zaeg: we playin like htis? Zaeg: wukong Zaeg: where aer you Zaeg: ive got a present Zaeg: how many gold do i give? Zaeg: im doing what vi is doing Zaeg: she asked it Zaeg: :P Zaeg: ff 15 Zaeg: yknow Zaeg: a video game doesnt hurt me Zaeg: but vi Zaeg: does get hurt with it Zaeg: lol Zaeg: you reall yexpect this vi Zaeg: to do something useful? Zaeg: dive them when iam there Zaeg: probably warded Zaeg: yeah rumble Zaeg: dont know why ppl troll cuz of a ping Zaeg: a ping to not farm Zaeg: and to be funny Zaeg: she goes on with it Zaeg: see? Zaeg: ?? Zaeg: ?? Zaeg: sup vi Zaeg: XD Zaeg: XDD Zaeg: she stole my farm Zaeg: i steal her jgl Zaeg: and now she cries Zaeg: even seen logic like this? Zaeg: this blue is great Zaeg: dam Zaeg: the thing is vi trolled in the start of the game Zaeg: gave yasuo a free kill Zaeg: which made me couldnt fight against yasuo Zaeg: y wanna report me for that rumble? Zaeg: and she took my farm Zaeg: 4 whole waves Zaeg: indeed Zaeg: cuz you took my farm Zaeg: yup Zaeg: push Zaeg: now Zaeg: great job Zaeg: dont go Zaeg: you shouldnt have gone.. Zaeg: leona was chasing them away Zaeg: when you cant help them Zaeg: dont Zaeg: she had 0 mana Zaeg: oh Zaeg: nvm Zaeg: she was chasing them away Zaeg: gj Zaeg: this game is ours Zaeg: gg Game 3 In-Game Zaeg: if i lose this game imma leave this game Zaeg: then it will be my 6th lose in a row Zaeg: k Zaeg: another game loss Zaeg: ff 15 Zaeg: imma delete this game Zaeg: idgaf Zaeg: bout this game Zaeg: lol Zaeg: that was miss/ Zaeg: my q went through them Zaeg: i swear Zaeg: i touched him Zaeg: with my %%%%ign q Zaeg: \ Zaeg: look at my match Zaeg: history Zaeg: iam jus ttiled this game thats why im bad Zaeg: all of my other games i was carrying Zaeg: ff in 30 seconds Zaeg: yep Zaeg: idc Zaeg: 3vs1 Zaeg: and couldnt kill a miss fortune Zaeg: pls ff Zaeg: what an noob champ Zaeg: leblanc focusing me Zaeg: the entire game Zaeg: if i was inting Zaeg: i would be 0/30 by now Zaeg: the fun fact is Zaeg: i have 1 more death than nunu Zaeg: does this make him inting too? Zaeg: gg Post-Game Zaeg: wdym i int Zaeg: i have second most dmgin team in game 1. i was acting normal until that lee sin began insulting me and my family etc. even though at the end i said 'have a nice day further i hope you get better teammates' game 2 is my worst game i ever had with an horrible vi jungler that was trolling my lane only cuz i pinged her to stay away yasuo. she toke 4 waves of minions at the start of the game and insulted me so i took her blue. and after she gave yasuo like 4 kills she left my lane. even after all of those things happened i complimented her for playing good like saying 'good job'. and game 3. no comment.. i got reported in that game cuz i was playing bad nothing else not for verbal abuse
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