Okay, thats it. I don't understand guys.

I don't know what the deal is with some of the guys in this game but the amount of times random guys find out im a girl then start oversharing things about their personal lives is ridiculous. Within five minutes of chatting to someone about a game they suddenly decide they're comfortable enough to tell me about their erectile disfunction or their number of sexual encounters. Can't I just have a normal conversation with anyone without being called Little one or Princess. I mean, some of the guys on here hear the word girl and turn into the seagulls from finding nemo. And getting told im hot by guys who have no idea what I look like, or told they like me when they literally just started talking to me ten minutes ago. Everyone thinking they're different from the last when I could genuinely write a script for them to follow. And 9 times out of ten it starts with the words " Sorry, I know i'm being weird but you don't meet many girls on here." I can't be the only girl that gets this. Or does everyone just pretend they dont exist to avoid the weirdos and I'm the last one to get the memo?
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