What tilts me about this game

Its not loseing, or having a team that feeds or any of that nonsense, people have bad games yaknow, ive had my fair share so im not going to chew someone out for playing like a monkey for 1 out of like 20 games, maybe they had a bad day or something, who knows right, im not gonna let that tilt me, imma just play my best and move on with my life. But what gets to me and i know it shouldent, but its the arrogance of the people that play this game. people that will legitimately go something like 1/8/2 with 4k dmg in a 25 min game as a mid or adc and then once the game ends claim that the loss was in no way their fault, and the people who did well are the reason that lost. and no matter what you do you just cant reason with them at all, and then(gonna use an example here that happened last game to me) when they finally have no ground to stand on they just resort to saying 'HA your bad, your stuck in gold forever get good' and random shit like that witch has no substance or anything, like i just dont understand why people cant just accept they played like shit, try to improve from it and move on with their life (just for the sake of it, i was plat last season before decaying, i was plat in preseason, i was plat once this season but took a break after my team split so decayed again, and just got back to plat 2 days ago after coming back a couple weeks ago and gonna start my climb to diamond hopefully, and the one that said i was hard stuck gold was a gold 5 player :/) Anyway thats my rant over, back to losing my soul. P.S mind my spelling, im dyslexic.
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