My account was hacked into and later banned

Hello summoners, So I logged on to league on the 15th of November and got a message that I got a 14 day ban for apparently "_trolling, griefing, intentionally feeding or deliberatly trying to lose the match_". The last time I logged on was on the 13th of November. On the 14th of November (_as I see in my match and purchase history_) someone logged on to my account and played a couple of ranked games with draven (_I never even owned that champion_), riven and twitch. All of my champions from my capsules and chests were sold and someone bought a summoner name changer ( _changed my name from "**TheStorm581**" to "**shut up coon lol**"_) and obviously bought draven. I already changed my account info and other details to provent this from happening again but my question is can I get my account and honor level back (I worked really hard to get my account even to stage 2 of 3 to honor lvl2) or maybe even revert the changes made to my account with the help from riot? And if yes then were should I write to them specifically about this matter because I already searched their website and couldn't find any useful information. Also I have sent some tickets in their support page but haven't got any feedback yet. Here's a link to the match that I got banned for
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