I will be more postive about the game, when Riot gives me something positive in return...

People complain that I'm always negative about this game. Well maybe I'm tired of seeing cheese after cheese spammed in this game because Riot lack the intelligence to actually balance their own game correctly. Maybe my attitude will improve when AP mages arn't forced into the gutter as they have been continually over this season. Since skill actually counts for jack crap in this game. I find it extremely hard to stay positive about a game that is continually rewarding people who do not even deserve it, people who don't hesitate to spam overpowered champion of the week. I don't do that, I have a morals and I like fairness in a game and apparently I am the bad guy for that. So can you really blame me for how I feel when this game has continually gone to the dogs this season? When Riot have continually destroyed the champions that I used to like to play, like {{champion:26}} and reworked them into pure generic crap but AD reworks get all the best stuff in the game, like {{champion:78}}, {{champion:114}} and {{champion:41}}? Seriously... why can't other people see the blantent favoritism that Riot puts out. A FAIR game is better then a unfair game and why am I the bad guy for actually wanting to see a game thats fair and balanced for everyone so that mages get their place in the spotlight as much as Assassin, Bruisers and ADC's do because at the moment, Riot are send a clear message with the nerfs to {{item:3157}} that they value AD champions MORE then AP.
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