That Guy, Who can't let Aram be Aram

You know about him, That guy who pulls LCS strategies in Aram, Tells you how your Playstyle is like ''cancer'', and that you practically have to uninstall because your not playing his ''Main'' like it should be. If he doesn't win this game you spoilt his Promotion Series in Ranked and made him lose a division, you were also the reason, he tilted in Ranked Soloque and Why nobody wants to duo with him, you must understand it is all your fault, Your Terrible performance in Aram had such an Impact, it destroyed his chances to get into a Challenger team. You must take responsibility and According to your CONTRACT YOU SIGNED WITH RIOT.. You must Play every Champion with a 100% winrate, You must Counter every champion in Aram by Rerolling. You must Know every Build that is being used by every champion. You must be 2 Levels up on your own team and enemy team. You must Apologize 1000x for every Death in Aram You Must Leave all the minions in the lane for your Toxic master. You are OBLIGATED to pentakill everytime the opponent Returns, Regardless of champion. The above rules are in Force, and are merely a Minimum, We removed some of the harsher laws, to make your life easier, So Be VERY grateful and take our Abuse and torture as harsh love.
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