AFK should be punished more.

I think people are going afk / ragequit too much because the punishment is wack. Oh, a waiting queue. Just let me watch some youtube, wait for the time to be over and play. I came up with this idea, all these restore after 3 months; First time AFK on your account: no punishment. This is for people who have rare internet problems. Everyone can have them once in a long while. Second time AFK on account: Warning screen and 10min waiting queue. Three or four AFK: Unable to play matches for 24 hours. Double LP loss if Ranked. 5+ times AFK: Same as above + honor drop. People tell me : but my internet is wack!! So that means 4 people have to suffer because for some reason you can't have normal internet/computer? If you have often lag/internet disconnection/pc freeze then you should accept League isn't for you, or fix it.

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