Why I'm quitting league.

I started playing league 2 years ago, and in that time I've developed nothing but hatred for the game and the vile players. I no longer have anymore time for the game of the bullshit and I've now removed it from my computer. Here's why....**salty comments incoming!!! ** 1. The players. You can guarantee almost every single game you'll get some shit stain that's wiggled his way out of satans hairy butt-crack with nothing but intention to fuck your shit up. I'm talking about people in ranked that go AFK mid game, people that just can't simply play, people that decided because they are loosing they will just feed the other team. 2. Ranked Matchmaking. This is the biggest insult to the causal gamer. I have no idea what goes into making a ranked game but I'm pretty sure the formula is 50% unskilled players + 40% saltiness + 9% mental retardation + 1% joy. I had 8 attempts to get out of bronze 5 because of this shit. The cherry on the cake though was trying to get out of bronze 4. Every time I went up for promo we'd get an afk or general bad player. 3. Crafting Bullshit. I don't normally put money into games but for a couple skins yeah that's fine. Now players can buy there way up to level 6/7 completely removing any exclusiveness of being skilled. Oooo and riot nice fucking touch with the blue essence. You can't buy it but you can buy chests and hope to get it. PAY PAY PAY, like some-kind of whining child. 4. Client Crashing If you play league a lot you will have had this at some point. You are loading into a ranked game, everyone is at 100% but the game just sits on the loading screen. You wait and you wait until you decide that closing and reconnecting may help only to find that the game has been going on for 5 mins already. Fix this fucking shit. There is many more reasons but honestly this is all the time I have left for this pile of shit. Thank for the memories riot, go fuck yourselfs.
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