A reminder for permanently banned players that you did NOT get banned "for just one game"

The first punishment is 10 games Chat Restriction. This is a warning (and a punishment) which CLEARLY tells you that something is wrong with your way of communicating with people, and it is NOT tolerated. Whether you agree or not. It shows you the chat log from the game that you were reported in, and the game(s) that you were punished for. The Reform Card also explicitly tells you that: > If you continue communicating this way, **you'll continue to be chat restricted and risk account suspensions ** So if you choose to not correct your behavior, or the way of communicating with people, you are handed another 25 games restriction as punishment, and as an ANOTHER WARNING. At this point i'd like to remind you that NEITHER OF THESE trigger unless you have been negative/abusive/vulgar in chat. The system is automated. If you did nothing wrong and people report you, the system checks the chat log and leaves the case if found 'not guilty'. So you can forget that "4man premade reported me and i got banned", because if you do not act toxic in chat and get reported by bazillion of players, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. But then you get to this point, you ignore both of these warnings. You are handed out a 14 day suspension after a game because you decided to ignore these warnings and acted like a dick again. Did you get 14 day ban because of one game? No you did not. It has been escalating and the VALID reports that lead to punishments have been accumulating. Then you are - once again - provided a chat log which game(s) triggered the 14 day ban. And then it CLEARLY tells you : > This is the only warning this account will receive. Further examples of toxic behavior can result in permanent closure of your account Then you have a 14 day break and you come back to play. You choose to be a dick again and shout "FUCK YOU, YOU ALL GOT REKT NOOBS" , someone reports you because you pissed him off, the system check the log, finds that you have been shit talking again and BAM , permanent ban. Then you are provided with a message saying that you got permanently banned and here's the game(s) that you were punished for: Trollermaster89: FUCK YOU, YOU ALL GOT REKT NOOBS And then you claim that you were "PERMANENTLY BANNED FOR JUST ONE GAME" and "I ONLY SAID TOXIC THINGS ONCE" At this point it's so stupid to even convince yourself that you were banned "for just one game" So small part of the community ever gets permanently banned, if you truly are "innocent" , riot will gladly lift the ban. But if you come to boards claiming these things, think back what you've done. And i mean seriously. Just pulling these "i did nothing huehue and got banned" arguments won't make your past toxicity just go away. And mocking the system for being bad because you got caught and "others did this and that, and i got banned instead" to make yourself feel and sound like a "justified flamer" , doesn't do good for any of us, especially you.
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