Riot stop punishing me without a reason

I am tired of this community,these children under 12 playing this game and going around raging in all chat and swearing and what not...and I get a chat ban?Again?Seriously Riot do you even look at the chat or do you just copy paste it?Cuz me getting chat ban again,is really stupid when I play with and against people who are impolite and rude and still kids like that,get to go around and diss everyone and nothing bad happens to them.This random 3 game thing is really stupid.I didnt even swear that much.I just said "jax stfu" because the jax was raging on yi because he is a bad player.I didnt say that he was a bad player I am trying not to do that,in fact I am trying to be polite all the time,but when you give me people like this to play with,that not only cant play,but then rage on other people and whine in all chat,you arent getting anything out of it.SO RIOT,stop trying to increase the number of lol players,and use perma banns or perma chat banns cuz this is really unfair.Me getting punished because of some random douches who dont have any respect for any stranger on the internet,and them getting to get around and insult everyone. P.S. Just realized I got a ban from playing.TY A LOT RIOT FOR MAKING SURE THAT THE PLAYER BASE IS TREATED PROPERLY.
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